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A Few Resent Testimonials

#1 Hairline Illusions 5 Star Service
" I have read and heard that a woman’s hair is her “crowing glory.” But what happens when the crowning glory disappears through no fault of the woman’s. As I was growing up, I took great pride in my thick natural hair. In recent years, I have struggled with the slow process of losing my hair. What was once my crowning glory is now becoming a distant memory. My only solution to my thinning hair was to start wearing wigs, which I dislike so much that I transitioned to sewn in weave. Wearing sewn-in weaves and braids caused further damaged to my already fragile hairline. Before long, my hairline started receding further and further back. It got so bad that I was wearing knit headbands to cover up my thinning hairline and balding spots.
Eventually, I decided to loc my hair in order to save what little I had left. This seemed like the perfect solution for my thinning hair, except having locs did not stop the evitable from happening, Alopecia. I did not realize that Alopecia is a hereditary condition and that it is irreversible. After talking with several people about hair replacement options and encountering condescending and judgmental treatment, I was apprehensive about bearing my balding spots to complete strangers. Therefore, I painfully accepted the fact that no matter what, I am balding more each year and that there is no cure. Although there is no cure for Alopecia, what I eventually discovered is that there is an alternative hair replacement system called hair line illusions.
I prayed that God would show me a way to regain my self-esteem by sending me an alternative to hiding under hats, scarves, and fake looking wigs. My hair loss was beginning to restrict my social life due to my limited hairstyle options. I refused to wear wigs any longer because they always looked and felt so awkward. I became frustrated until I discovered the perfect solution…Hairline Illusions.
While surfing the internet one day, my prayers were answered when I came across a link to Hairline Illusions. I spent hours reading all the details about undetectable systems but I still was not convinced that hair line illusions system was right for me. Still, I book marked the website and saved it for future reference. About 6 months later, I decided to call and ask questions about hair line illusions hair systems.
Much to my surprise, I spoke directly to Egypt Lawson, the owner of Hairline Illusions. Ms. Lawson was professional, informative, and compassionated as she listened to me explain my hair loss problem. Even so, it took me another 2 weeks to call back and agree to try the hair line illusions system. Ms. Lawson made a special trip to Georgia to meet with me for a private consultation. As usual, she was professional, patient, and non-judgmental when explaining my hair replacement options. Meeting with Ms. Lawson was a breath of fresh air. Although, there are many things that impressed me about Ms. Lawson, I found her compassion and commitment to helping me and other women rebuild our self-confidence with alternative hair systems, uplifting and life saving. I was pleasantly surprised to hear about her scholarship programs and community involvement with programs to help cancer survivors and people who struggle with Alopecia.
Over the next 4 months, Ms. Lawson worked with me to locate grants to assist with financing my hair unit. Then, she walked me through the process of having my unit made. Every step of the way she gave me the assurance that I would have a hair unit to feel good about. As you can probably imagine, I was so excited…I could not wait. While I waited for my unit to be completed, Ms. Lawson continued to work with me. Finally, my hair unit was completed and delivered to me. When I opened the box, I literally shouted with joy because my hair line illusions hair unit was absolutely gorgeous and exact to my specifications. Then, I cried and thanked God for people like Ms. Lawson who have the compassion and understanding to help other women like me who deal with the pain of hair loss caused by cancer and Alopecia.
I would highly recommend hair line illusions to anyone struggling with hair loss or anyone who just wants a new look that is completely undetectable. When I wear my hair line illusions hair unit, I feel attractive and self-assured. I am convinced that my meeting Ms. Lawson was destined to happen and that our relationship will continue to flourish in the years to come. Oh, by the way, my unit is truly undetectable because even my closest friends cannot tell its shhhhhhh….a wig."
Thank you to Ms. Lawson who is not an illusion but definitely a gift from God!
B. Parker - Georgia


#2 Hairline Illusions 5 Star Service
" For the past 2 years my baby girl began to loose her hair due to Alopecia. This is devastating because she is only 10 years old and kids tease at school. The lace wigs I found available were so unnatural and bulky you can tell she was wearing a wig. Plus the glue would turn white around the edges and cause her to constantly scratch. Not only it looked bad it was very uncomfortable for her. I came across Egypt Lawson’s tweet that hairline illusions was giving away a free wig grant and I could not believe what I was reading. This was a dream come true. My baby girl can actually own a hairline illusions wig. These are wigs for rich folks LOL. I cannot begin to tell you how hairline illusions wig have boosted my daughter’s self esteem. Wow, it looks like her own hair and I am ever so grateful for the grant award as well. You have lifted a heavy burden off my back."
Susan Cooper – Washington, DC

#3 Hairline Illusions 5 Star Service
" I’ve been researching lace front wigs online and ordered a few from various web sites and was never satisfied because I though I was going to look like Beyonce – just like the photos they had on their web site. I heard about Hairline Illusions from a colleague and at first my husband was furious when I left a deposit for Hairline Illusions wig but after he saw me wearing the wig he couldn’t stop complimenting me about how youthful I look. It’s PERFECT!"
Diane Williams – Rye, NY

#4 Hairline Illusions 5 Star Service
" I have to say, after being schooled how this hair business works from Egypt of Hairline Illusions, now I know why they are more expensive. I chose my own hair donor. This alone was quite costly. You are going to pay extra for real human hair without animal and synthetic fillers. It makes sense. Millions of people buy hair extensions every year and there is not enough hair to go around that’s why other wig companies use these fillers to cut the hair to support demand. I know if I was cutting my hair I wouldn’t sell it for only $300. My Hairline illusions wig is exquisite. The color is just right. My hairline looks amazing. It is worth the money!"
Ashley W. – Canada

#5 Hairline Illusions 5 Star Service
" My beautiful Hairline Illusions experience. I was a little skeptical about paying a $500 consultation fee when all companies give free consultations but I am glad I did. Not only I receive an informative consultation, Egypt, the manager, has so much patience. I didn’t feel rushed the wigs were so beautiful I wanted to buy them all! It seemed like I knew her she has such a warm spirit. She even gave me some of her homemade salmon croquettes. They were delicious. God bless you Egypt. My wig is perfect. Thanks for your perseverance."
Rev. Samantha G. - Bronx, NY

#6 Hairline Illusions 5 Star Service
" The service at hairline illusions in NY is outstanding! I ordered the black label and was extremely satisfied how everything was made perfectly. I have to say it take a lot to satisfy me. VERY PLEASED!"
Telle S. - Hollywood, CA

#7 Hairline Illusions 5 Star Service
" I attended a course at hairline illusions last week. My instructor was Egypt and she went above and beyond the class. I’m glad I took the class!"
Susan B. - Houston, TX

#8 Hairline Illusions 5 Star Service
" Hair Line Illusions ROCKS! You bought my sexy back! LOL;)"
Isabel Livingston - Springfield, IL

#9 Hairline Illusions 5 Star Service
" Thanks for the quick ship. I am now wearing my new do and no one can tell. I can now dance my a#s off and not worry about looking fake. I need to order another one asap. I am glad I found you."
Jessica G. - Las Vegas, NV

#10 Hairline Illusions 5 Star Service
" Thanks for treating my sister like she was a movie star. She feels like a million bucks and can't stop talking about you. She can now return to school without the heavy insecurities of wearing fake looking hair. The emotional burdens have been lifted thanks to you."
Liz B. - Boston, MA

#11 Hairline Illusions 5 Star Service
" Top notched all the way. Thanks for the loaner wig. You saved my life!!!."
Cynthia W. - Brooklyn, NY