What hair color works best on you?
When you're choosing a hair color, many fundamentals are factored in: Your skin tone, eye color and natural hair color all play a big role in which
wig hair color shade will look great on you. It is recommended to consult with a professional colorist when choosing the perfect hair texture shade.
Hairline Illusions offers custom colors from your hair sample provided. Our wig builders have constructed wigs from ¼” to 53” finished hair lengths.

1. If you supply regular bulk human hair from a supplier you need 1 lb of Single-Drawn Human Hair or 10 ounces of Double-Drawn Human Hair.
2. Your own hair - Please separate hair into 6 ponytails. Hair should be cleaned and dried and placed in a Ziploc bag.

Hair should be mailed in a padded envelope. Allow 2 inches for returns.

Natural Black
Darkest Brown
Medium Dark Brown
Chest Nut Brown
Reddish Brown
Light Brown
Golden Brown with Golden Highlights
Golden Blonde
Ash Blonde
Wheat Blonde
Auburn with Copper Highlights
Platinum Blonde
Dark Brown with Grey Blend

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